RUTLAND Fiberglass Chimney Brush Extension Rod is designed with the DIY homeowner in mind. Using 1/4″ NPT threading to connect to a chimney brush, it is available individually in lengths of 4 ft and 6 ft.

Attach to a RUTLAND Chimney Sweep® Wire or Poly Brush to clean a chimney from the top down or up through the open fireplace. The fiberglass is flexible enough to handle slight offsets, but not enough to bend around sharp corners. Cleaning in an up-and-down motion with these rods will provide the power necessary for a satisfactory result.

RUTLAND Fiberglass Chimney Brush Extension Rods are also available in a handy Kit of six 3 ft rods (18 ft total length – #KRK-18). – How To Connect and Use a RUTLAND Chimney Brush, Fiberglass Extension Rods, and Adapter

Fit all sizes of RUTLAND Round Wire, Square Wire, Rectangular Wire, or Round Poly Brushes.