Wizard System® with Torque Lock Connector (TLC)

RUTLAND puts the right tools in the hands of professional Chimney Sweeps with Wizard System® rugged cleaning tools that perform dependably time after time! Using our quick-connect Torque Lock Connector (TLC) coupling, Wizard System® Brushes, Rods, Adapters, and Tools snap together securely in place – then unlock with an easy squeeze!

The Wizard System® lets the professional be the decision maker about how to best meet the specific needs of chimney cleaning customers.

Questions? Call our experienced Customer Support Team at 800-544-1307 for help, to learn about our Build-A-Wizard tools for spinning, or to place your order!

Are you a professional chimney sweep or contractor? Call us at 800-544-1307 to see if you qualify for discounted pricing.


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