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Is it necessary to clean my chimney if I burn seasoned wood?

How can a chimney catch fire?

What is creosote?

What can I do about creosote in my chimney?

Is creosote the only problem I have to contend with in my chimney?

How can I find a certified chimney sweep in my area?

What is the difference between soot and creosote?

I have heard of a product called Chimfex to help put out chimney fires. Where can I purchase it?

What should I use to seal the joints in my metal stove pipe to keep the smoke from coming out?

What is the difference between an airtight stove and a free-burning or non-airtight stove?


QUESTION: Is it necessary to clean my chimney if I burn seasoned wood??


More than necessary, it is essential to protect against costly and potentially fatal chimney fires. Creosote is a natural by-product of wood burning. The rate of creosote buildup is affected by residence time, smoke density and stack temperature. Animal nests and deteriorating mortar and cracked tiles are problems that need immediate attention. To insure your chimney is working safely and efficiently, have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually.